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How Much Should I Spend On Repairing My Car?

The Hands of a Mechanic Repairing the Inside of a Car.

Are You Spending Too Much On Car Repair?

Car owners want to do what it takes to keep their car in the best condition, but how much is too much when in regards to repairs for your car? A lot of people who get car repair want to know how much they should be spending on repairs for their car. There are a lot of factors that play into that decision.

  • How much do you pay for maintenance?
  • How much do you pay for repairs?
  • What is the value of your car?
  • Can you afford maintenance and repairs?

You shouldn’t be spending more or repairs than what the value of the car is, nor should you spend more on repairs than what a car payment may be. That brings us to another question that people have about car repair, “Is it cheaper to repair or replace car?” Again, this really depends on the circumstances that the driver is having, but something that we will explore so that you can make the best decision. The drawback to getting a new car is going to be that it will definitely be more expensive than getting repairs for your car. However, there are other disadvantages that you need to be aware of, which include it being an expensive investment, insurance will cost a lot more, and the car will lose some of its value when you drive it off the lot. Now the cons for getting repairs are that your car isn’t safe, you are always getting repairs, its constantly breaking down, and you want to get a new car. If are sick of repair service, but you don’t think you are ready for a new car, you need to get proper maintenance for the car. Another thing that people will ask is, “When it is not worth repairing a car?” and here are some signs that you are better off trading in your car for a new one.

  • Repairs are half or more than the value of your car.
  • You have to get car repair more and more often.
  • You aren’t able to avoid the cost of frequent repairs.
  • When you drive your car you feel very unsafe.

All of these reasons are valid in getting a new car instead of investing in more car repairs. Again, weigh your options, as well as have your car looked at to see if car repair will be that expensive and if its the best financial decision for you at the moment. 

Car Repairs Cost More Than Car is Worth

When car repairs exceed the value of the car, people really start to worry. We covered that if car repairs are more than the value of your car, you must move on, but you should also consider how often you are really getting repairs for your car. Yes, a car repair that costs $4,000 may be the same value as your car, but are you exceeding $4,000 in repairs every year? When the question, “Is it better to buy a new car or fix an older car?” ask yourself how much am I paying in repairs each year?

A Mechanic's Hands Working Under the Hood of a Car

A lot of People Are Concerned That They Are Paying As Much in Car Repair As the Actual Value of the Car.

Take the value of your car out of the equation and think about how much you really spend on repairs a year. If you are spending $333.33 a month on repairs, plus maintenance, then yes, you might consider a new car. However, if you don’t exceed $4,000 repairs in a year, then it is probably to keep your car. You have to consider the cost of a new car, used or brand new. A new car is going to cost way more than any repair and a used car might have its own baggage and repairs that you don’t even know about. So next time you ask yourself, “What to do with a car that needs more repairs than it’s worth?” ask how much you are spending on repairs a year and whether it’s a sound investment to get a new car or to repair your car.

Replace Engine Or Buy New Car

If the problem with your car is the engine, there might be the question of whether to replace the engine or buy a new car. Many people ask, “Is it worth putting a new engine in a car?” and the answer is that, while it might seem pretty expensive upfront, it is going to a good choice over the long term. With a new engine in your car, you are able to have better gas mileage, save energy, reduce your pollution emissions, and you wouldn’t be getting rid of the whole car. However, you need to look at what makes financial sense to you. If there are no other problems with the car but the engine, then you might consider replacing the engine. On top of engine problems if your car needs frequent repairs and you are paying a lot for repairs, then you might want to get a new car. If you would like more information on auto repair in Sugar Hill, GA, please call NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. at (678) 714-0820 to talk to our expert mechanics.