Brake Service

A Mechanic Checking the Wheel Brake Disc On a Lifted Car

At Nor-West Automotive & Performance, Inc. We Offer High-Quality Brake Service.

Our car’s brakes are one of the most important parts of our car, as they ensure that the car is able to stop. Brakes only have one job and that is to stop the car, but in the brake system there are components that all have to work to make this happen. If the brakes pads stop working or there isn’t enough brake fluid, it can be hard for the brakes to do their job. Car brake repair or replacement service might be able to resolve these issues, so it's important that a car owner take their car in to be inspected.

If you think that you need brake service in Sugar Hill, GA, call the auto technicians at NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc.. Whether you need repairs for your anti-lock braking system or your brake pads need to be replaced, you can rely on our team of experts to get the job done. Our technicians are familiar with every single component in your brake system, so with our comprehensive inspections, we are able to determine where the issue lies. You can be sure that when you contact to make an appointment, we will offer the very best auto brake service for your car. If your brakes need auto repair or auto maintenance, please dial (678) 714-0820 to schedule an appointment today.

Brake Repair

Brake Repair

A Mechanic Repairing Brakes On Car

One of Our Most Popular Brake Services is Brake Repair.

As car owners, we want to keep our cars, as well as ourselves safe, while we are driving. One of the best ways we can ensure that our cars are safe to drive is by getting our brakes inspected. If our brakes give out and we are unable to stop our car, then we run the risk of hurting ourselves and other people on the road. While keeping our brakes in great condition is essential, it can be hard to know when brake repair service is needed. Luckily, our brakes display symptoms that let us know when automotive brake repair is necessary. 

  • Brake Light Comes On: This will be the simplest way to determine if you need auto brake repair service. When the brake light appears on your dash, then it’s time to take your car in. It might need repairs or it could be time to get your brakes replaced.
  • Brakes Make Noises: When you bring your car to a complete stop, it shouldn’t make any noise. However, if you hear grinding, squealing, or squeaking noises when you brake, it’s because the brake pads are worn out.
  • Brakes Are Vibrating: Braking your car should be very smooth and not shake or vibrate. However, if you press on the brake pedal and the brakes start to vibrate or wobble, something is probably wrong with the rotor.
  • Brake Pedal is Soft: Pressing on the brake pedal should be very easy and not require much work; there will be times when moisture can get into the system, which can cause some struggle with the brake, which can make the pedal feel soft or spongy when you press it.

There might be some other reasons like the brakes pulling your car to one side, a burning smell, or leaks. Whatever the reason, our technicians are able to find the problem and fix it. If you need brake line repair or brake rotor repair, we can fix it. In times when you really need our assistance, we are able to provide emergency brake repair. NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. is one of the brake repair shops that you can depend on for quality brake service in Sugar Hill, GA.

Brake Replacement

Brake Replacement

A Man Checking a Car's Brakes

When You Need Brake Replacement, Call Our Team.

Most of the time car brake repair service is able to fix different components in your car, but there will be times when brake replacement is the required service. We drive our cars a lot, which means that we use the brakes quite a bit; because of how much we use the brakes, different components will need to be replaced eventually. Fortunately, our team of technicians is able to provide our clients with brake installation service that can replace any parts that are defective or failing. We can provide back and front brake replacement, as well as these other areas of your brake system.

  • Brake pads replacement
  • Caliper replacement
  • Caliper re-alignment
  • Drums resurfaced
  • Fluid Flush
  • Fluid replacement
  • Hose replacement
  • Master cylinder replacement
  • Rotor re-alignment
  • Rotor resurface
  • And more!

From brake and rotor replacement, NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. is here to offer brake service in Sugar Hill, GA that will get your brake system back in great condition.

Brake Pads

Brake Pads Service

A Close Up of Someone Repairing Brake Pads

We Are Able To Offer Brake Pad Repair and Replacement Service.

One of the components of the brake system that needs auto brake repair or a replacement the most are the brake pads. The brake pads are thin blocks that are between the brake shoe and brake drum. They work to provide the friction and pressure that the rotors need to stop the car from driving; without our brake pads, different components in our brake system begin to wear out. If you hear squealing or squeaking in your car, you hear grinding noises, or the car pulls you or you feel the brakes pulsate when you push down on them, those are signs that you need brake pad repair or brake pad replacement depending on the severity. It is recommended to get your brake pads replaced every 30,000 to 35,000 miles, but it is going to depend on how much you drive, as well as how rough you are with your car. When you need brake pad and rotor replacement or brake repairs, call NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. at (678) 714-0820 for brake service in Sugar Hill, GA.