Automotive Electrical Repair

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When You Are Having Issues with Your Car’s Electrical System, Call Us for Automotive Electrical Repair.

Your car is made up of many mechanical and electrical components. The mechanical components in your car, which can include the engine, brakes, and steering system are something that every auto mechanic can provide auto maintenance, repair, and replacement services, but this isn’t always the case of electrical systems. This is because it can take a long time to diagnose an electrical problem, whereas a mechanical problem is easier and quicker to pinpoint. Fortunately, the auto technicians at NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. are able to provide a wide range of auto electrical services, including automotive electrical repair.

If your power steering isn’t working, or even your headlights and defroster, those are issues that pertain to the electrical components and not the mechanical components. For those times when you are having issues with electrical components in your car, we are able to offer reliable and effective automotive electrical repair in Sugar Hill, GA. With quality diagnostic tools, we are able to find out what electrical component is not working and come up with an affordable solution. The type of equipment that we use is very state-of-the-art and able to detect the problem a lot more quickly than other auto shops. To schedule an appointment for this type of auto repair service, please call our office at (678) 714-0820.

Parts That Need Auto Electrical Repair

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The Battery, Alternator, and Starter All Work Together To Power Your Car’s Electrical System.

In order for your car to generate power for your electrical system, there are three parts that have to work together for that to happen; these parts include the battery, alternator, and starter. The battery is what is going to provide an electrical current to the car, whereas the alternator is what keeps the battery charged which keeps the whole system going. The job of the starter is to power the engine; this is made possible when the battery gives it a bit of power for the starter’s motor to work. All of these components work together to ensure that the defroster, headlights, windows, steering, windshield wipers, and other parts that need electricity work. When either the battery, alternator, or starter is not working, this can be a huge problem.

There are many reasons why these parts might stop working such as defective wiring, sensors, motors, or even a computer within the car that is malfunctioning. With newer cars, electrical problems are going to need sensor, motor, and car electrical wiring repair to resolve the issues that your electrical system is having. Fortunately, the team at NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. is able to help by providing diagnostic work, as well as automotive electrical repair in Sugar Hill, GA. When we know where the issues lie, we are able to repair battery, alternator, or starter. In situations where the battery is completely dead, we can provide our customers with car battery replacement service. To get more information, call us at (678) 714-0820.

Frequent Auto Electrical Issues

When it comes to electrical issues, it is really hard to tell what the issue is unless you have performed the diagnostic service. However, it is still important to know what type of issues your car can exhibit that will require the need for car electrical repair.

  • Dead Battery: This is the most obvious out of all of them, but it needs to be stated. If your car will not turn on at all, more often than not, it’s because the car’s battery has died.
  • Broken Starter: When your car’s starter is broken or malfunctioning, you won’t be able to hear the click sound when you put your key in the car’s ignition to start the car.
  • Alternator Damage: The job of the alternator is to ensure that the battery is charged; when the alternator is damaged, it can drain the battery and cause electrical components to become very slow.
  • Unsecured Wires: There are various wires in the electrical system and if any of them are damaged, eroded, or not connected properly, they can definitely cause issues in the car’s electrical system.
  • Blown Fuse: Each component of the electrical system is connected to the fuse box in order to get the exact amount of power. If for some reason a fuse in the fuse box blows, it won’t be able to give power to various components.
  • Damaged Spark Plugs: While the pistons that move up and down in the engine are mechanical, they are powered by spark plugs, which is an electrical component. If the engine cranks and doesn’t start or you are unable to accelerate properly, then it could be a problem with the spark plugs.
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Nor-West Automotive & Performance, Inc. is Here When You Need Automotive Electrical Repair Service.

When your car isn’t starting or showing other issues that you can’t understand, contact our mechanics. They will be able to tell you if you need automotive electrical repair in Sugar Hill, GA or another kind of auto service.

Call Our Auto Electrical Repair Shop

When you want dependable, professional, and effective automotive electrical repair, contact NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc.. We are able to find out where the problem lies by inspecting the car and running a diagnostic test. The issue might end up being a mechanical one, but if it is electrical, we provide our clients with the best automotive electrical repair in Sugar Hill, GA. Schedule an appointment with our team by calling (678) 714-0820 now.