Emissions Repair

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Did Your Car Fail an Emissions Test? Call Us for Emissions Repair!

One of the tests that your car must pass in order to be fit for driving is an emissions test. The emissions test is important because it determines if your car is emitting excessive emissions. The reason this is important is that your car can produce three types of emissions, evaporative emissions, refueling losses, and exhaust emissions, which release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. These emissions can severely affect the environment and our air quality, so when a car owner renews their car’s tags, they won’t be able to unless they pass the test. If your car has failed its emissions test, it didn’t just fail it for no reason; there are several ways in which a car can fail an emissions test, with those reasons being.

  • Your car has worn spark plugs.
  • Your car has a faulty oxygen sensor.
  • Your car’s EVAP system is defective.
  • Your car’s gas cap is leaking.
  • Your car’s gas cap is too loose.
  • Your car’s catalytic converter is damaged.
  • Your car has leaky injectors.
  • Your car has too much fuel pressure.
  • Your car’s air filters are dirty.
  • Your car’s fuel metering is outside the range of specification.

These are pretty common reasons, but you could also have issues with your car’s emission system. This type of car system ensures that your engine is working efficiently and isn’t polluting the air with emissions. Typically, a light will come up on your car’s dashboard to indicate if there is an emission system problem and that it needs to be inspected. When a car owner ignores that warning, that is what can cause the car to pollute the air. Luckily, if you have failed the emissions test, a certified emissions repair technician at NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. can help you! We are able to provide you with emissions repair in Sugar Hill, GA so that your car will pass its emissions test. To make an appointment with our emissions repair shop, dial (678) 714-0820 now.

Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair

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For Car Owners Who Are Having Issues with Their Exhaust, We Can Provide Repair Service!

When we think of hardworking parts in our cars, we tend to think of the engine and battery. Those areas work incredibly hard to keep the car moving and working, but there are components that ensure those two parts work as effectively as they should. In regards to the engine, the exhaust plays an integral part in protecting the engine, as well as the car owner. The exhaust in our car works to move gases away from the combustion that is inside the engine. By doing this, it keeps the exhaust fumes out of the actual car and away from the engine, as well as making sure that engine noise is reduced and the car works efficiently.

Because of its function, it is one of the components that cause a car to fail an emissions test. The exhaust system is comprised of several parts, all of which can become damaged for one reason or another. The parts that most commonly become damaged in the exhaust system are the catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust manifold, and oxygen sensor. Typically, these parts will fail due to lack of auto maintenance or because the part is past its lifespan. The reason that we need our exhaust system to work efficiently is that it decreases pollution and effects the performance of the car. The exhaust system runs from the exhaust manifold all the way to the tailpipe, so knowing when to get exhaust system repair can be tricky. However, there are symptoms that the car exhibits which makes it easier to know if you need car exhaust repair.

  • Noisy Engine: Your engine is going to always make a bit of noise, but if you are hearing tapping or hissing noises, that is an issue that needs to be looked at immediately. The reason that the engine is noisier than usual is that the exhaust manifold is defective and has caused a leak.
  • The smell of Gas: The only time that you should be smelling gas is when you are pumping fuel, but if there are issues with the exhaust pipes or tubes, it can cause a leak which will cause gas fumes to get inside the car.
  • Exhaust Pipe is Hanging: Anytime the exhaust pipe is hanging from your car, you will need to get it fixed ASAP. The car can drag the pipe is the pipe becomes broken and starts hanging, which isn’t great for the car and isn’t safe for the driver.
  • Reduction in Fuel Efficiency: When there is an issue with the exhaust, not only does it create more pollution, but it also makes your car work a bit harder than it should. When the car works harder, it will need more fuel than usual. This type of issue needs to be fixed in order to have better fuel efficiency.
  • The Smell of Something Burning: Not only will you get the smell of gas in your car, but you can also smell something burning. This is because a leak has is by parts or wiring that are plastic, which can cause a burning smell because they are also close to the heat.

If you think you need exhaust repair or emissions repair in Sugar Hill, GA, please contact us at (678) 714-0820 to make an appointment.

Muffler Repair

Muffler Repair

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In Addition To Emissions Repair, We Also Provide Muffler Repair.

A lot of times the muffler and the exhaust system are confused with one another, however, they are completely different parts. The muffler is actually a component within the exhaust system, that reduces the noise of the engine. It is important that a car owner gets their car inspected every year and that they get muffler service. Unfortunately, car service can be put off altogether, which can result in your muffle becoming damaged over time. Because it’s a component within the exhaust system, it doesn’t just affect the soundproofing for the engine but contributes to the reduction of emissions entering the atmosphere. Here are some signs that you need muffler repair.

  • The engine is making a lot of noise.
  • There is the smell of exhaust fumes in your car.
  • The fuel economy isn’t going to be as good as it should be.
  • There will be too much condensation coming from the tailpipe.
  • The engine will be misfiring.

If your car is exhibiting these issues and you think it has to do with your muffler, you will need auto repair immediately. NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. is ready to help clients by providing emissions repair in Sugar Hill, GA, as well as muffler or exhaust repair. Dial (678) 714-0820 in order to make an appointment with one of our auto technicians for repair service.