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Check Engine Light On Car's Dash

When the Check Engine Light Comes On, Call Us for Check Engine Light Diagnostic.

One of the best things about newer cars is that they illuminate different warning signs on the car’s dash when something is wrong. There is a wide range of warning signs that your car can display, like a tire pressure warning light or traction control light. All of these warning signs make car owners aware of issues within the car, some of them minor and others major. One of the more major warning signs that your car will display is the check engine light. When this little warning light pops on the dash, many people ask “Why is my check engine light on?” or “what does check engine light mean?” The check engine light meaning has to do with something happening within your engine, with the light indicating that you need service for your car’s engine.

Once the check engine light comes on in your car, it’s important to take your car in to be inspected. This is something that should not be brushed off, as something very serious could be wrong with your engine. At NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc., we are able to provide clients with reliable check engine light diagnostic in Sugar Hill, GA. With this kind of diagnostic service, we are able to find out why the light came on. Not getting professional help right away can really affect your car’s engine, which might result in serious auto repairs or a replacement when ignored. If your check engine light has come on, call us at (678) 714-0820, so we can perform proper diagnostic testing.

Check Engine Light Causes

A Picture of a Car's Engine Before it Has Maintenance Service

There Are Many Reasons Why You Might Need Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service.

There are many reasons for check engine light to come on, with many car owners wondering what could cause the check engine light to come on. When the service engine light flashing in your car, it can be hard to determine what is wrong with the engine. This is why taking your car in for check engine light diagnostic is so important. A trained and knowledgeable professional is able to look at the engine code error and see where the problem is. These are some of the reasons why your check engine light might come on.

  • Battery: The car battery is able to power up the car so the engine can run; when the battery dies, the car won’t be able to turn on. Getting a battery replacement is simple and can be done by the mechanics at NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc..
  • Catalytic Converter: In order to prevent the carbon monoxide from your car from hurting the environment, the catalytic converter works to turn carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. When the catalytic converter becomes damaged when your car doesn’t get the proper auto maintenance, which is one of the reasons the check engine light comes on. With a broken catalytic converter, you can expect a decrease in fuel economy and the temperature of the car will be higher.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System: Another gas that can come out of your car’s engine is nitrogen dioxide, which is why the EGR system is important because it lowers those levels so it works more reliably. The reason that the EGR system can cause the check engine light to come on is that it can become clogged. When the EGR system doesn’t work, your car will produce higher emissions.
  • Gas Cap: The gas cap for your car is able to keep fumes from entering the environment, ensures that there is pressure in the fuel tank, and plugs up the fuel system so fuel gets out. The biggest reasons why the check engine light would come on because of a gas cap is because it is missing or loose. This is one of the more minor issues that an engine light comes on, but without a gas cap, you will need to gas up your car more often.
  • Mass Airflow Sensor: To ensure you have the right amount of gas to fuel your engine, you will need a mass airflow sensor. This type of sensor measures how much air is going into the engine; knowing how much air is going in can help it determine how much gas is needed. It will eventually need to be replaced because the car’s performance won’t be as good, and it can damage other components in the car.
  • Oxygen Sensor: To determine how much oxygen hasn’t been burned in the exhaust system, you will need an oxygen sensor. The check engine light will come on because the oxygen sensor will need to be replaced. When the oxygen sensor isn’t replaced, it will make your car burn more fuel, you’ll have inadequate fuel economy, and it will cause issues with other components in the car.
  • Spark Plugs: Because of the function of your spark plugs, the check engine light will turn on when they need to be replaced. The spark plugs have the job of igniting the air and fuel inside of the combustion chamber. Spark plugs that aren’t replaced will cause other components to fail and your car won’t run as smoothly as it normally does.
  • Vacuum System:  The vacuum system in your car has many jobs that ensure it runs properly. When the vacuum system becomes old or starts to crack, it can leak. One of the most important jobs of the vacuum system is to lower emissions, so it’s important that the vacuum is replaced when the check engine light comes on.

If you need to get a check engine light diagnostic in Sugar Hill, GA, please call NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. at (678) 714-0820 to talk to our expert technicians.

Call for Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service

If the check engine light comes on, you can do a few things before you take the car in to get a check engine light diagnostic service. Because the gas cap is one of the reasons why the check engine light is on, make sure that it's not missing and that it's nice and tight. To ensure that the engine doesn’t have a lot of pressure, you can decrease your driving speed, as well. Car owners who take their car to NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. will feel good knowing that we can find the issue with your car by performing a professional check engine light diagnostic in Sugar Hill, GA. Contact us at (678) 714-0820 to take your car in today!