Suspension Repair

An Up Close Picture of a Suspension System

At Nor-West Automotive & Performance, Inc., We Can Provide High-Quality Suspension Repair!

When we drive our cars, we expect the drive to be incredibly smooth. Unfortunately, there will be times when it’s hard to control your car or the ride isn’t as smooth as it should be. When this happens, it’s because of the steering and suspension. The steering and suspension are part of the front end assembly of your car, so if your car is pulling to one side, you have a hard time steering, or your car is bouncing while you drive, it’s important to get front end repair. Both of these systems hold most of the weight of your car, so the suspension and steering need to be able to provide smoother and safer driving. However, this can’t happen if one or both of them are damaged. Although our car’s steering is important because it controls which way our car will go, the suspension is the system the connects the car to the wheels, ensuring that they work together to move the car.

The suspension has the job of maintaining the vehicle handling and ride quality, so keeping this system in great shape is of the utmost importance. If for some reason you think that your suspension is damaged, you will need to call a professional suspension repair shop for assistance. NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. is the place that you can call when you need car suspension repair in the Sugar Hill, GA area. If you also think that your steering isn’t controlling your car the way it should, we can also provide you with power steering repair. There will be times when your suspension might be too damaged, in which case our technicians will offer suspension replacement. If you need more information, or you are interested in setting up an appointment for suspension service, dial (678) 714-0820 to talk with one of our auto mechanics about auto repair service for your suspension or steering.

Car Suspension Problems

The Hands of a Mechanic Are Repairing a Car's Suspension

There Are Symptoms Your Car Exhibits That Let You Know You Need Suspension Repair.

From time to time, your car will need to get auto suspension repair to keep the suspension working as it should. This is something that everyone can agree on, but that doesn’t mean its easy to tell when repairs are needed. The suspension system is comprised of many components, all of which can be damage or fail; these components include the anti-sway (roll) bars, ball joints, shock absorbers, the spindle, springs, and struts. Every part will one way or another cause the suspension issues, but it can still be difficult to know where the problem is. One of the good things, though, is that your car will display signs when suspensions repairs are needed.

  • Pulling or Drifting When Turning Corners: When you are turning around a corner, it might feel like the car is drifting or pulling. This is because of the shocks aren’t keeping the car stable, which will increase the chance of the car rolling over when it turns.
  • The Car is “Nose Diving”: When you push down on the brake firmly, the car will not only jerk forward, but it will feel like the front of the car is going down or nose first. We get this feeling when we brake because the shocks are worn out.
  • The Car is Bouncing: We never want to go over a pothole or some other bump in the road it can happen; what makes it worse is when our springs or shocks are damaged and the car continues to bounce up and down for more than a few seconds after going over the pothole or bump.
  • You Are Experiencing Rough Driving: Generally, when we drive our cars, we aren’t able to feel much when we go over a bump or bumpy roads. When the struts and shocks are worn out in the suspension system, it’s going to make you feel every single bump, as well as make the drive very bumpy.
  • The Shocks Are Oily and Damaged: This one will require a car owner to look under their car, but if they examine the suspension system and see the shocks or the struts are oily, there is most likely a leak in those components.
  • The Car Pulls To One Side: It can be really annoying when you are trying to drive and your car starts pulling to one side all on its own. This is a pretty common sign that there is something wrong with the suspension or steering.

If any of these things are happening to your car while you are driving, it is a good idea to call NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. at (678) 714-0820 for suspension repair in Sugar Hill, GA. We can inspect your suspension and see how we are able to fix it!

Shocks and Struts Replacement

A Picture of Shock Absorbers Being Replaced

We Can Also Replace Struts and Shock Absorbers in the Suspension System.

There are many parts to a suspension system, but the two that keeps the driving smooth and the car balanced are the shock absorbers and the struts. Because one of the main functions of the suspension system is to provide vehicle handling, it is very important that the shock absorbers and struts are in good condition. The reason for this is because the shocks absorb things like bumps and other movements that can cause the car to bounce and the struts provide support for the suspension. However, just like other parts of your car, the shocks and struts might need to be replaced. There are a couple of ways to tell if you need shock replacement and strut replacement.

  • Noises come from the steering wheel.
  • When you drive at higher speeds the car doesn’t feel very secure.
  • The car bounces a lot.
  • When you brake the car the front of the car dips forward.
  • The car’s tires are either balding or they have uneven wear.
  • There is fluid leaking from either the struts of shocks.
  • There is damage to the struts and shocks.
  • The car pulls when you turn corners.

There might be times when you just need shock absorber or strut repair, but most of the time, these components will need to be replaced. If you would like to take your car in at NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. for suspension repair in Sugar Hill, GA, please call us at (678) 714-0820! We look forward to working with you and getting your suspension back in great shape.