Timing Belt Replacement

When you want your engine to work as efficiently as possible, you need all of the different components in the engine to work. There are many components in the engine that are very important, like the spark plugs and radiator hose, but there are also components that help other components function; one of those components is the timing belt. The timing belt helps the crankshaft and camshaft work so that the engine’s valves open when intake and exhaust strokes occur. When a timing belt begins to wear out, it can affect how the engine operates. If you think your car timing belt needs to be replaced, you need to be able to call a professional auto technician. With the help of an automotive professional, they will be able to tell you if the belt just needs repairs or to be completely replaced.

A Car Mechanic Replacing a Car's Timing Belt

When You Need a Timing Belt Replacement, Call Nor-West Automotive & Performance, Inc.!

At NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc., we are able to offer a wide variety of auto repair and replacement services, including timing belt replacement in Sugar Hill, GA. For car owners who have noticed that something is wrong with their car, you can call us to make an appointment for auto maintenance. During maintenance, we check to see where the issues lie based on the symptoms that your car is having. Your car might just need a belt tensioner replacement but there will be times when a timing belt replacement is needed. A timing belt is usually replaced around 30,000 to 60,000 miles, but there is a possibility that your timing belt goes out sooner. Give us a call at (678) 714-0820 to schedule an appointment for one of our mechanics to take a look at your car.

Signs of a Bad Timing Belt

With a timing belt that isn’t working properly, its important to have it looked at and see if repairs or a replacement are needed. If the timing belt broke and is the issue, its hard for car owners to know if that's the problem. In order to prevent engine damages, it’s essential to know that bad timing belt symptoms. Below are signs that indicate when to replace timing belt.

  • Weird Engine Sounds: If you hear a ticking sound coming from your engine, that isn’t normal. That is a sign that the timing belt in the engine is having issues.
  • Sound When You Start the Car: When you first start your car up and you hear whirring or screeching, that is something you need to have looked at. Another sign of a bad timing belt is when the whirring and screeching happen when the car idles or you try to accelerate the car.
  • Shaking Car: Your car should never be shaking when you drive it, but when the car shakes when the car is idling is a symptom of a timing belt that needs to be replaced.
  • The Engine Won’t Turn Over: If you try to start your car and the engine won’t turn over, this is a serious issue that should not be ignored. Not only is the timing belt the issue, but there may be some damage to your engine.
  • Dark and Heavy Exhaust: The color of your car’s exhaust can tell us a lot about what is wrong with our cars; for example, when the exhaust coming out of the tailpipe is a dark gray, then there might be a problem with the timing belt. The exhaust fumes will also be very heavy in addition to being a darker gray color.
  • Your Car is Leaking: Sure your car can be leaking for other reasons, but a car that is leaking oil can be a sign that you need a timing belt replacement.

If you think that you need a timing belt replacement in Sugar Hill, GA, please contact us by dialing (678) 714-0820 and talking with one of our expert auto mechanics.

Timing Belt Vs. Timing Chain

A Closeup Picture of a Car's Timing Belt

A Timing Belt and Timing Chain Have the Same Function, But Do Have Some Differences.

When we talk about a timing belt, we also always hear about a timing chain. Many people think that the timing belt and timing chain are the same things and they aren’t necessarily wrong. Both the timing belt and timing chain essentially have the same job, the only difference is that they are used in different types of engines. The engine that usually uses a timing chain is going to be vehicles that use a lot of torque, whereas timing belts are used in most cars. However, it’s important to note that we are seeing timing chains more and more in newer cars. This is because a timing belt is made of polyurethane, which is a very strong material, but timing chains are made from metal. The timing belt is going to go to need to be replaced a lot sooner than a timing chain, but it is actually going to be a lot quieter than a timing chain.

If you are needing a timing belt change or you would like to get your timing chain replaced, the team at NorWest Automotive & Performance, Inc. are able to help you! To schedule an appointment for timing belt replacement in Sugar Hill, GA, please call our office at (678) 714-0820. One of our reliable and trustworthy technicians will be able to take a look at your timing belt and determine if it needs engine belt replacement service. Don’t wait! Contact us soon as you think something is wrong with your timing belt.